1986, Comic Relief

Comic Relief was Utterly Utterly Live in 1986

Here in the UK, Comic Relief was launched live from a refugee camp in Sudan on BBC1 on Christmas Day 1985 during Noel Edmonds' Late, Late Breakfast Show. The idea came from charity worker Jane Tewson and comedy script writer Richard Curtis after they had visited Sudan and Ethiopia. First came the charity single in… Continue reading Comic Relief was Utterly Utterly Live in 1986

1982, Magazine Articles

Rogue Mayall – Sounds 1982

Sounds Magazine - 11th December 1982 Rogue Mayall Rik Mayall of TV's 'The Young Ones'. By Dave McCullough I ASK Rik Mayall, twisted leftest-centrist-selfist, maniacal hero of Tuesday nights television The Young Ones and generally speaking, since his inception as alter-ego Kevin Turvey, a genuine TV cult figure, if people are surprised when they meet… Continue reading Rogue Mayall – Sounds 1982

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Waffle On about Bottom Live!

Thank you to: Meds from Waffle On Podcast In 2015 I discovered Waffle On Podcast, I was approaching my 40th Birthday and decided I was going to treat myself to an iPod! I didn't own a smart phone and only had a little Nokia 3120. I instantly fell in love with this little device, and… Continue reading Waffle On about Bottom Live!


The Diary of a Teenage Comedy Freak

Since July 2018, I have been periodically delving back into my old teenage diaries. Re-living and remembering in great nostalgic detail that period of my life. The period in which I was obsessed with comedy and everything Rik Mayall. I've been attempting to write up these memories, in hope of explaining that time, a time when,… Continue reading The Diary of a Teenage Comedy Freak


Didn’t You Kill My Mother-in-Law?

By 1989 I was becoming a real comedy nerd. The Alternative Comedy boom was in full swing, this crowd of young comics were the 'in' crowd and they were everywhere. I was now looking forward to seeing what they would come up with in the 1990's. In 1989, I also saw my first live comedy… Continue reading Didn’t You Kill My Mother-in-Law?



If you’ve found this blog and are reading this then you must be a Rik Mayall fan. Hello, and thanks for finding me, I decided to have a go at creating this blog and website dedicated to the one and only, after gaining a small dedicated following of Rik fans on Instagram. I have been lucky… Continue reading Hello