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Podcasto Catflappo

If you haven't already discovered this brilliantly insightful and star studded podcast, then you must check it out. Host Jeffers is a man with a passion and that passion is the sorely underrated eighties sit-com, Filthy Rich and Catflap. His first episode opened with a banger of a guest, the one and only, Nigel Planer.… Continue reading Podcasto Catflappo

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Let’s Hear it for Rik Mayall – Company 1982

LET"S HEAR IT FOR RIK MAYALL Jeremy Pascall - June 1982 That wonderful person who gave you Kevin Turvey, Mitch, Wick and the Dangerous Brothers... A joke: What's yellow and lies on the bottom of the sea? Sand! Why aren't you laughing? All right, biting political satire: What do Lech Walesea and Menachem Begin have… Continue reading Let’s Hear it for Rik Mayall – Company 1982

Bottom, Bottom Live

Rik and Ade’s Bottom Continues to Hit the Spot

When you become a fan of something or someone you naturally champion it. You tell people how good it is, recommend it and will always love that subject. Some people even take great delight in recording and saving things connected with it. Which in many ways is what I have done here. I hoped that… Continue reading Rik and Ade’s Bottom Continues to Hit the Spot

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Artist Adam Green paints Rik

Meet Adam Green, Adam is an artist and in 1999/2000 he painted a portrait for Rik. "It was so great to meet him on his farm and really surreal. I always remember my initial meeting. His smiling face and piercing eyes as I found him in the fields clearing some bracken. I got to spend… Continue reading Artist Adam Green paints Rik

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Bad News Tour Live

A big thank you to MJ Simpson for sending me his original photos he took from the Bad News Nottingham Concert on the 28th October 1987. A great, if blurry snippet from the show. Sadly Mike doesn't remember an awful lot from the concert but does remember the record shop being absolutely packed earlier that… Continue reading Bad News Tour Live

1982, The Young Ones

Visiting The Young Ones House – 2022

THE YOUNG ONES, first televised and broadcast on BBC2 at 9pm on the 9th November 1982. November 2022 sees the 1980's groundbreaking sitcom turn 40 years old. Ruddy hell forty years ago, it seems like only yesterday I was sat enthralled on the living room carpet, staring at the little box in the corner of… Continue reading Visiting The Young Ones House – 2022

1991, Bottom

Thirty-Something Years of Rik and Ade’s Bottom

On 17th September 1991 Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson's brand new sitcom Bottom first aired on UK TV screens. So 2021 sees the much loved programme turn 30 years old. In September 1991 I was a young 16 year old. I had not long left secondary school and was about to start college. I couldn't… Continue reading Thirty-Something Years of Rik and Ade’s Bottom

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Rik and Ben in Ibiza 1985 – Update

Rik Ben and Andy in Ibiza Thank You to: Andy Palmer Andy got in touch with me, he had been browsing the website and was extremely thrilled to see the post about Rik and Ben performing in Ibiza. Chris' photos from the original post brought back some very happy summer memories for Andy, as he… Continue reading Rik and Ben in Ibiza 1985 – Update

Daily Mirror newspaper featuring Rik Mayall
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Rik Hits The High Spots – Daily Mirror 1984

Thursday November 8th 1984 Alive and ranting - the Young One with built-in sneer RIK HITS THE HIGH SPOTS by Peter Donnelly RICK, the slightly potty, very spotty nutter from TV's The Young Ones, picks at a pimple and rants on about one of his favourite subjects. "Grown- up's", he pouts petulantly, "are scared of… Continue reading Rik Hits The High Spots – Daily Mirror 1984

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Three for the Show – Radio Times 1987

3-9 January 1987 Three for the Show No, it's not Son of Young Ones, but Rik, Adrian and Nigel are still aiming at the funny bone. John McCreedy hears it's all about paternity suits, dead milkmen and TV stars. Filthy Rich and Catflap Wednesday BBC2 DO YOU still enjoy working together? 'No. We hate each… Continue reading Three for the Show – Radio Times 1987