1982, Kevin Turvey, Magazine Articles

Let’s Hear it for Rik Mayall – Company 1982

LET"S HEAR IT FOR RIK MAYALL Jeremy Pascall - June 1982 That wonderful person who gave you Kevin Turvey, Mitch, Wick and the Dangerous Brothers... A joke: What's yellow and lies on the bottom of the sea? Sand! Why aren't you laughing? All right, biting political satire: What do Lech Walesea and Menachem Begin have… Continue reading Let’s Hear it for Rik Mayall – Company 1982

Edward Catflap, Ralph Filthy and Richie Rich
1987, Filthy Rich and Catflap, Magazine Articles

Three for the Show – Radio Times 1987

3-9 January 1987 Three for the Show No, it's not Son of Young Ones, but Rik, Adrian and Nigel are still aiming at the funny bone. John McCreedy hears it's all about paternity suits, dead milkmen and TV stars. Filthy Rich and Catflap Wednesday BBC2 DO YOU still enjoy working together? 'No. We hate each… Continue reading Three for the Show – Radio Times 1987

Rik Mayall dribbling picture from Kerrang magazine
1984, Magazine Articles

The Bachelor Boy – Extra Kerrang! 1984

The Bachelor Boy RIK MAYALL (pictured right) KEVIN TURVEY (also pictured right) and DAVE DICKSON all discuss their latest best-sellers and explain why everyone should vote for Mrs Thatcher next time around A FEW issues of the regular, fortnightly Kerrang! back Howard Johnson dallied with the name of Friedrich Nietzsche (a decidedly dangerous course) and… Continue reading The Bachelor Boy – Extra Kerrang! 1984

1986, Comic Relief, Magazine Articles

Comic Relief – Smash Hits 1986

23 April - 6 May 1986 Comic Relief "I've got myself a crying, sleeping, walking, talking , living... bottom." That was the opening line from one of the songs performed by The Young Ones at three live comedy shows recently staged in London by Comic Relief (the people who brought you Cliff and The Young… Continue reading Comic Relief – Smash Hits 1986

2003, Magazine Articles

Believe Nothing – A Dutch interview from 2003

I had a lovely email recently from a fan called Merel in The Netherlands, who came across an interview Rik Mayall gave to a Dutch reporter in 2003. It was published in a magazine by Dutch broadcaster, VPRO. Merel has kindly translated the text for me as good as she could. In Holland VPRO (a… Continue reading Believe Nothing – A Dutch interview from 2003

1983, Magazine Articles

Character Assassination – Biltz 1983

CHARACTER ASSASSINATION Rik Mayall is in the uncomfortably double-edged position of being well-known enough to make a living, but too well-known to be credible as his creations Kevin Turvey and Rik the Poet. SIMON GARFIELD spoke to him in Edinburgh during the run of Standup Comedy with Ben Elton and Andy de la Tour. Photographs… Continue reading Character Assassination – Biltz 1983

1983, Magazine Articles

Kevin Turvey & The Young Ones – Smash Hits 1983

Smash Hits April 14-27 1983 KEVIN TURVEY & THE YOUNG ONES Croydon Stationed at the rear of the Fairfield Hall's ample stage tonight are three musicians. They wear grisly maroon jacket's and dark glasses and supply soothing sections of super-club jazz when the actors are off changing costumes. Right now they're flicking idly through the… Continue reading Kevin Turvey & The Young Ones – Smash Hits 1983

1983, Magazine Articles

The Comic Strip Presents – Time Out 1983

September 8-14 1983 The Comic Strip Presents By Martyn Auty At last, a comedy group has its hands on Monty Python's holy grail. They are The Comic Strip and, despite appearances to the contrary, are heavily into clean living, steady relationships and hatchbacks. This autumn the Comic Strip returns to coat your TV screens with… Continue reading The Comic Strip Presents – Time Out 1983

1983, Magazine Articles

Fears of a Clown – Soundmaker 1983

Soundmaker - 12th March 1983 Fears of a Clown Joe Hosken goes rock and road funning with Kevin Turvey, The Young Ones and The Bastard Squad.... After the noise and cramped bustle subsides in a hot Cardiff University dressing room, the tired participants of the ensemble briefly attempt to gather their thoughts before the inevitable… Continue reading Fears of a Clown – Soundmaker 1983

1982, Magazine Articles

Rogue Mayall – Sounds 1982

Sounds Magazine - 11th December 1982 Rogue Mayall Rik Mayall of TV's 'The Young Ones'. By Dave McCullough I ASK Rik Mayall, twisted leftest-centrist-selfist, maniacal hero of Tuesday nights television The Young Ones and generally speaking, since his inception as alter-ego Kevin Turvey, a genuine TV cult figure, if people are surprised when they meet… Continue reading Rogue Mayall – Sounds 1982