1991, Bottom

Thirty-Something Years of Rik and Ade’s Bottom

On 17th September 1991 Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson's brand new sitcom Bottom first aired on UK TV screens. So 2021 sees the much loved programme turn 30 years old. In September 1991 I was a young 16 year old. I had not long left secondary school and was about to start college. I couldn't… Continue reading Thirty-Something Years of Rik and Ade’s Bottom

Ben Elton, Seeing Rik, Your Stories

Rik and Ben in Ibiza 1985 – Update

Rik Ben and Andy in Ibiza Thank You to: Andy Palmer Andy got in touch with me, he had been browsing the website and was extremely thrilled to see the post about Rik and Ben performing in Ibiza. Chris' photos from the original post brought back some very happy summer memories for Andy, as he… Continue reading Rik and Ben in Ibiza 1985 – Update

Daily Mirror newspaper featuring Rik Mayall
1984, Magazine Articles, The Young Ones

Rik Hits The High Spots – Daily Mirror 1984

Thursday November 8th 1984 Alive and ranting - the Young One with built-in sneer RIK HITS THE HIGH SPOTS by Peter Donnelly RICK, the slightly potty, very spotty nutter from TV's The Young Ones, picks at a pimple and rants on about one of his favourite subjects. "Grown- up's", he pouts petulantly, "are scared of… Continue reading Rik Hits The High Spots – Daily Mirror 1984

Edward Catflap, Ralph Filthy and Richie Rich
1987, Filthy Rich and Catflap, Magazine Articles

Three for the Show – Radio Times 1987

3-9 January 1987 Three for the Show No, it's not Son of Young Ones, but Rik, Adrian and Nigel are still aiming at the funny bone. John McCreedy hears it's all about paternity suits, dead milkmen and TV stars. Filthy Rich and Catflap Wednesday BBC2 DO YOU still enjoy working together? 'No. We hate each… Continue reading Three for the Show – Radio Times 1987

Rik Mayall and Brian Glover, still from An American Werewolf in London
Celebrity Fans, Meeting Rik, Your Stories

Paul Putner – Strangling Rik Mayall

Comedian and Actor Paul Putner became a Rik Mayall fan as a young teenager in the early 1980's, when seeing him appear as Kevin Turvey on A Kick Up The Eighties. "It’s where it all started for me. I never forget going to see An American Werewolf In London at the cinema and half the audience whispering to… Continue reading Paul Putner – Strangling Rik Mayall

Feature image featuring part of the young ones ticket
1984, Celebrity Fans, The Young Ones, Your Stories

Paul Putner – Once In Every Lifetime

If you could go back in time and witness a classic piece of comedy history being made what would it be? An episode of The Young Ones maybe? That would probably feature quite highly on many people's lists, it definitely would be on mine. In 1984 comedian and actor Paul Putner was a teenage drama… Continue reading Paul Putner – Once In Every Lifetime

The cast of the young ones stood outside house
1983, Magazine Articles, The Young Ones

The Cult Of The Snarl – The Times 1983

THE TIMES EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT 30th December 1983 FEATURES The Cult Of The Snarl Rik Mayall, creator and star of The Young Ones, and much imitated by classroom comedians, tells Nick Baker why he chose students as a suitable case for sneering Like lots of successful television comedy, The Young Ones, devised by Rik Mayall and… Continue reading The Cult Of The Snarl – The Times 1983

The Young Ones computer game cassette tape
1985, 1986, The Young Ones

The Young Ones – Computer Game

Who remembers this? I never had a home computer during the 1980's or even throughout the 1990's come to that, and I have never had much interest in computer games, but during the early 1990's I did manage to find one of these games. It was in a big box of junk at a car… Continue reading The Young Ones – Computer Game

1991, Waiting For Godot, Working with Rik, Your Stories

Mark Young’s Photo Shoot with Rik Mayall

Meet Mark Young, in 1991 Mark was a young 24 year old HND photography student at the Kent Institute of Art and Design. In November of 1991 Mark had tickets to see Waiting for Godot, before the show he decided to go to the stage door of the Queens theatre in London, where Rik and… Continue reading Mark Young’s Photo Shoot with Rik Mayall


Exclusive Rik Mayall Scrapbook Badges

Have you been enjoying the content on this website? Would you like to show your appreciation? Then why not donate £5 to help support it and contribute towards the running cost. You may now notice that the adverts have been removed - Yay! All money raised will go towards the annual costs of running the… Continue reading Exclusive Rik Mayall Scrapbook Badges