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It’s Competition Time again!

The first competition saw Matthew Zwick from the USA chosen as the lucky winner. You can read Matt's winning entry here: And the winner is... So here's another chance to win a signed copy of Chris Shields book - Early Rik: Thoughts of a Clown, Rik Mayall in the Early Eighties, plus a few other… Continue reading It’s Competition Time again!

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Believe Nothing – A Dutch interview from 2003

I had a lovely email recently from a fan called Merel in The Netherlands, who came across an interview Rik Mayall gave to a Dutch reporter in 2003. It was published in a magazine by Dutch broadcaster, VPRO. Merel has kindly translated the text for me as good as she could. In Holland VPRO (a… Continue reading Believe Nothing – A Dutch interview from 2003

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A Trail of Disaster – Radio Times 1984

5th -11th May 1984 Young, gifted and back 'The Young Ones' - Christopher Ryan, Rik Mayall, Ade Edmondson and Nigel Planer - return to BBC2. Inside: on a trail of disaster The Young Ones, Tuesday 9.0 BBC2 Was it fair to send an unarmed writer on the trail of The Young Ones? In retrospect, no.… Continue reading A Trail of Disaster – Radio Times 1984

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And the winner is…

Our winner is: Matthew Zwick from USA Matthew wins a signed copy of Chris Shield's book. 'Early Rik: Thoughts of a Clown - Rik Mayall in the Early Eighties' a Waiting for Godot flyer, The Government Inspector programme, a B&W photo and an original copy of NME from 1981. Thank you to everyone who took… Continue reading And the winner is…

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Character Assassination – Biltz 1983

CHARACTER ASSASSINATION Rik Mayall is in the uncomfortably double-edged position of being well-known enough to make a living, but too well-known to be credible as his creations Kevin Turvey and Rik the Poet. SIMON GARFIELD spoke to him in Edinburgh during the run of Standup Comedy with Ben Elton and Andy de la Tour. Photographs… Continue reading Character Assassination – Biltz 1983

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Kevin Turvey & The Young Ones – Smash Hits 1983

Smash Hits April 14-27 1983 KEVIN TURVEY & THE YOUNG ONES Croydon Stationed at the rear of the Fairfield Hall's ample stage tonight are three musicians. They wear grisly maroon jacket's and dark glasses and supply soothing sections of super-club jazz when the actors are off changing costumes. Right now they're flicking idly through the… Continue reading Kevin Turvey & The Young Ones – Smash Hits 1983

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Mayall Man Cometh – Time Out 1983

8-14 September 1983 Mayall Man Cometh From 'Waiting for Godot' to 'Five Go Mad On Mescalin', Frank Barrett examines the extremely rich tapestry that makes up Kevin Turvey's or Young One Rick's or even Rik Mayall's life. The audience assembled at the BBC's Glasgow studios in August for the recording of 'A Kick up the… Continue reading Mayall Man Cometh – Time Out 1983

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Richard Herring: Rik Mayall Shaped My Comedy

When I first started putting together this website, I always thought in the back of my mind it would be great to approach well known comedians and celebrity fans. To ask them to write a piece on how Rik Mayall's comedy influenced them and how they were inspired by his work and sense of humour… Continue reading Richard Herring: Rik Mayall Shaped My Comedy

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Chris Shield’s Rik Mayall Scrapbook

I knew I wasn't the only teenager who saved pictures and cuttings of Rik Mayall, do you still have any cuttings or pictures you saved and put into a scrapbook or you pinned to your bedroom wall? Huge thanks to Chris Shields who has kindly scanned and sent me some images of his fantastic Rik… Continue reading Chris Shield’s Rik Mayall Scrapbook

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The Comic Strip Presents – Time Out 1983

September 8-14 1983 The Comic Strip Presents By Martyn Auty At last, a comedy group has its hands on Monty Python's holy grail. They are The Comic Strip and, despite appearances to the contrary, are heavily into clean living, steady relationships and hatchbacks. This autumn the Comic Strip returns to coat your TV screens with… Continue reading The Comic Strip Presents – Time Out 1983