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Artist Adam Green paints Rik

Meet Adam Green, Adam is an artist and in 1999/2000 he painted a portrait for Rik. "It was so great to meet him on his farm and really surreal. I always remember my initial meeting. His smiling face and piercing eyes as I found him in the fields clearing some bracken. I got to spend… Continue reading Artist Adam Green paints Rik

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Rik Mayall has been Captured By The Fuzz

Meet Lucy Morrow or otherwise know as: Captured By The Fuzz on Instagram Lucy is a big Rik Mayall fan and in the 90s, like many of us of a certain age, she watched and quoted Bottom religiously. At age 15, she and her friend when to see one of the Nottingham Bottom Live shows.… Continue reading Rik Mayall has been Captured By The Fuzz


And the next winner is…

Huge thanks to everyone who entered this next competition, I received many amazing entries. It was a very difficult decision, but eventually after a weekend of careful discussion with my panel of expert judges, the stand out winner this time is... Our winner: Holly Orpen Holly wins a signed copy of Chris Shield's book. 'Early… Continue reading And the next winner is…