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I decided to have a go at creating this website after connecting with a small following of Rik fans on Instagram, where in 2015, I started posting pictures of my collection of magazine cuttings and memorabilia. Here you will be able to find out more about me, and find out about the times I saw Rik Mayall live, plus read about experiences from other fans on the blog. I hope you have fun exploring the website and also browsing the growing Rik Mayall Museum, Archive and Gallery sections.

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Let’s Hear it for Rik Mayall – Company 1982

LET”S HEAR IT FOR RIK MAYALL Jeremy Pascall – June 1982 That wonderful person who gave you Kevin Turvey, Mitch, Wick and the Dangerous Brothers… A joke: What’s yellow and lies on the bottom of the sea? Sand! Why aren’t you laughing? All right, biting political satire: What do Lech Walesea and Menachem Begin have…

Rik and Ade’s Bottom Continues to Hit the Spot

When you become a fan of something or someone you naturally champion it. You tell people how good it is, recommend it and will always love that subject. Some people even take great delight in recording and saving things connected with it. Which in many ways is what I have done here. I hoped that…

Artist Adam Green paints Rik

Meet Adam Green, Adam is an artist and in 1999/2000 he painted a portrait for Rik. “It was so great to meet him on his farm and really surreal. I always remember my initial meeting. His smiling face and piercing eyes as I found him in the fields clearing some bracken. I got to spend…


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It’s an absolute delight to connect with so many dedicated fans around the globe, and to also discover how many new young fans there are of his work. Fans who sadly will now never get the chance to see him live. I hope, what I am putting together here, will not only entertain and be enjoyed by his longest and most loyal fans, but will also be of interest to coming generations of new fans. To learn about what a huge influence he had – particularly over a certain generation (you know who you are). To discover how he delighted the people he met, and what a truly awesome thrill it was to see him perform live.

Do you have a story?

His passing in 2014, was a big shock to so many, and really has left a huge void in the world of comedy. Like many fans, I felt totally devastated, I can honestly say I have never experienced grief quite like it for a celebrity before. My heart went out to his poor friends and family, losing him at just 56 years old. Rik Mayall will forever be my hero, and without his presence in my life, like so many of his fans, I would have found growing up very hard indeed.

There must be tons of amazing stories out there, so if you too experienced seeing Rik perform live, maybe you were lucky to meet him, perhaps you worked with him, or you just simply loved watching him appear on TV…  Here’s your chance to tell the world what Rik Mayall means to you. I’d love to let the site grow and add as many memories, anecdotes and photos as possible – creating an even bigger Rik Mayall Scrapbook.

Whatever your story, then please do get in touch and you too could feature on the Blog page, and you will also get to choose one of the new Rik Mayall Scrapbook thank you badges.

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