Bottom, Bottom Live

Rik and Ade’s Bottom Continues to Hit the Spot

When you become a fan of something or someone you naturally champion it. You tell people how good it is, recommend it and will always love that subject. Some people even take great delight in recording and saving things connected with it. Which in many ways is what I have done here. I hoped that future generations of fans would discover it and enjoy Rik’s work too.

So when a young newly found fan of Rik Mayall gets in touch and tells me they didn’t actually realise the Bottom live shows were actual tours until they came across my site! That makes me happy and let’s me know that I am reaching the next generation. The hope then is that they will then in turn champion Rik’s work for the further generations that follow.

Thank you to: Tom Forshaw

Hello my name is Tom Forshaw.

As a kid of the noughties I was mostly brought up on old programmes such as Phoenix Nights, Father Ted and classic Dr Who. However 5 years ago I discovered my now comedy hero Rik Mayall on my own through a YouTuber called Oliver Harper who reviews retro films, one of them being Guest House Paradiso where little me thought Ade Edmondson looked a lot like Harry Hill. I therefore clicked on the video and I instantly became intrigued in Bottom the TV series. 

It wasn’t though until 2019 when I became the huge Rik Mayall fan I am today. My introduction to Rik Mayall was the episode of Bottom Dough as it’s the only free episode on YouTube and I instantly loved it. From there I found all the episodes and watched them to my hearts content, to me I think that Bottom was Rik’s best as to me it’s one of the best sitcoms ever made and the live tours were sensational.

During the begining of my GCSE years I developed an obsession with the Bottom Live tours as I thought they were amazing and really must of been the best night out ever. I was jealous that I wasn’t alive when these shows were on tour. I didn’t realise they were actual tours until I came across the Rik Mayall Scrapbook website and saw Lucy’s article on seeing Bottom Live, I remember how excited I was when I read it. One memory was being amazed how front row seats were £13.50 back in 1993. 

After reading this article I was destined to obtain the merchandise from these tours. It first started with my parents buying me a Up your Bottom live T shirt which I love and still wear to this day. After this I collected more Bottom Live merch to the point where I look like I went to the shows!!!

To finish off I would like to thank Rik Mayall for being my hero and for teaching me that stupidity is ok if it gets you through the grimness of life. Rest In peace you very funny man!

So yes Rik and Ade’s Bottom continues to hit the spot.

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