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Podcasto Catflappo

If you haven’t already discovered this brilliantly insightful and star studded podcast, then you must check it out.

Host Jeffers is a man with a passion and that passion is the sorely underrated eighties sit-com, Filthy Rich and Catflap.

His first episode opened with a banger of a guest, the one and only, Nigel Planer.

Nigel also came back as Ralph Filthy for a special Christmas reading of A Night Before Christmas.

Filthy’s Night Before Christmas

Since then Jeffer’s has gone on to track down other more minor cast members, along with the lovely costume designer, Inez Nordell. Director of the outside filming sequences, Ed Bye and even a passionate audience attendee – Ben Relton.

Inez Nordell Interview

Ed Bye Interview

There’s an obvious love and affection for the series from Jeffers, who’s attention to detail is incredible, which is right up my ally! – ooer! He goes into such wonderful detail and as a listener you really feel yourself inhabiting the bizarre showbiz world of Richie Rich, Eddie Catflap and Ralph Filthy, penned so brilliantly by Ben Elton.

So when Jeffers asked me to be a guest, I just had to say yes, even though I don’t normally like doing things like that, I get so nervous… and talking in what turned out to be a four way zoom call is something that’s way out of my comfort zone.

But it’s about Rik! Rik got nervous too, he would pace up and down before a performance and feel sick. He didn’t like appearing on chat shows and being himself in front of the camera, it was something he shied away from. But when necessary he always appeared with style, so I needed to channel Rik’s nervous energy and just bloody well do-ooo it!

So, with my best mate and fellow Rik lover, Shaun, we sat down one evening, took notes and started to bone up – and don’t say ooerr! He also loaned me some of his equipment – oo-eerr! That’s microphone and recording equipment – of course!

The episode Jeffer’s had asked me on wasn’t actually Filthy Rich and Catflap related, it was more a good old discussion about the possibility of putting on a Rik Mayall convention or a better term for it is a Rik-Fest! The other guests were Mark Searby, writer of “Rik Mayall Comedy Genius” and Ian Kubiak of Cygnus Alpha Events. I was by far the most inexperienced guest for this situation, and what’s more, I have never even been to a convention before!

After a shaky start by me, the ideas were flowing and it started to feel like were were genuinely organising a Rik-Fest – for real! I just had to remember I wasn’t listening to the podcast but there to talk as well!

Rik-Fest 2024! What would a Rik Mayall convention be like?

It was throughly enjoyable to take part and Jeffers is a brilliant and professional host, even if I did perhaps cause him some editing nightmares.

I’ve listened and enjoyed every episode, bar one – I just can’t bring myself to listen to myself back – haha!

If you haven’t already. Make sure you subscribe to Podcasto Catflappo and check out all the other brilliant episodes.

Keep up the top work Jeffer’s.

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