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Rik and Ade’s Bottom Continues to Hit the Spot

When you become a fan of something or someone you naturally champion it. You tell people how good it is, recommend it and will always love that subject. Some people even take great delight in recording and saving things connected with it. Which in many ways is what I have done here. I hoped that… Continue reading Rik and Ade’s Bottom Continues to Hit the Spot

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Rik Mayall has been Captured By The Fuzz

Meet Lucy Morrow or otherwise know as: Captured By The Fuzz on Instagram Lucy is a big Rik Mayall fan and in the 90s, like many of us of a certain age, she watched and quoted Bottom religiously. At age 15, she and her friend when to see one of the Nottingham Bottom Live shows.… Continue reading Rik Mayall has been Captured By The Fuzz

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Shaun and Tom take Rik from Behind!

Thank you to: Shaun Gibson We managed to meet Rik once during the Hooligans Island tour in 1997, in Oxford. My best chum Tom and I were there for the show, but decided to make a day of it and made it a pub day, talking all things Bottom and Rik. On the way back… Continue reading Shaun and Tom take Rik from Behind!

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Bumping into Rik…

Here's a nice little story, proof that it really does pay to arrive at a venue early, because you just never know who you may happen to bump into... Thank you to: Mark It was 1995 and I went to see Bottom live 2 with the missus, in Bournemouth. It was taking place at the… Continue reading Bumping into Rik…

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Rik Mayall Presents… & Bottom Live 1993

Back in 1993, I was really looking forward to watching Rik in his new trilogy of comedy dramas, originally titled The Rik Mayall Playhouse, then later renamed Rik Mayall Presents... I was hearing a lot about it and also collected many cuttings. At the same time there was a huge buzz about the new Bottom Live… Continue reading Rik Mayall Presents… & Bottom Live 1993

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Waffle On about Bottom Live!

Thank you to: Meds from Waffle On Podcast In 2015 I discovered Waffle On Podcast, I was approaching my 40th Birthday and decided I was going to treat myself to an iPod! I didn't own a smart phone and only had a little Nokia 3120. I instantly fell in love with this little device, and… Continue reading Waffle On about Bottom Live!