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Waffle On about Bottom Live!

Thank you to: Meds from Waffle On Podcast

In 2015 I discovered Waffle On Podcast, I was approaching my 40th Birthday and decided I was going to treat myself to an iPod! I didn’t own a smart phone and only had a little Nokia 3120. I instantly fell in love with this little device, and started to explore what it could do. I hadn’t been this excited about technology since learning how to use our first video recorder, back in 1988!


What on earth were podcasts? I’d heard the word of course, but had no idea what I could actually discover with them. In the search bar I decided to type in Rik Mayall…well, just because…and I was intrigued to see what I could find of interest. Waffle On popped up, they had a few episodes about him, so I decided to download a few, I was interested to hear what they had to say. I must say, I wasn’t disappointed, the podcast was an instant hit with me the moment I heard their theme tune – I’ve always loved a good theme tune too! Hosted by Meds and Kell, two mates, of a similar age to me, from Birmingham, that have known each other since school. They Waffle On about their favourite film and TV shows with great enthusiasm and passion. They are very knowledgeable and are very easy to listen to, their friendship shines through instantly. I have subsequently listened to all their episodes, learning a lot along the way.

Meds and Kell saw all the Bottom live shows, here’s what Meds had to say about his love of comedy, Rik and the Bottom live shows:

Like Lucy I too was or should I say am obsessed with British Comedy. I became obsessed with Monty Python, The Goon Show which then led me to Around the Horne and Ealing comedy. The 70’s offered us some classic tv shows like The Good Life (I still love that and now see at the age of 45 how much of an arse Tom Good was) Last of the Summer Wine (the early years are fabulous), Rising Damp, Porridge, Open all Hours we could go on but let’s not. It wasn’t till a TV show came about that identifies with political angst that comedy in Britain changed. The Young Ones blew it all out of the water. The music, the anarchy and of course the peoples poet.
I was first introduced to Rik when he played Kevin Turvey on the 80’s Show A kick up the eighties. Of course me coming from Birmingham his accent had me intrigued, one because it was so bad but I still found him funny. It turns out Kevin was from Redditch and the less said about that the better.
I adored the chemistry between Rik and Ade Edmonson and soon got into The Comic Strip. Bad News and more Bad News is always played here and so is a Fistful of Travellers Cheques and Mr Jolly lives next door.
Happy Families (a often over looked tv series) came next but it only had Rik as a supporting cast member and I remember feeling disappointed, that didn’t last long though because around the corner came Bottom. This was brilliant and I became an avid fan so when they announced a tour I knew we had to go, but their popularity was now huge and I was aware that getting tickets would be nigh on impossible. Thankfully for me my mate (and co host in Waffle On Podcast) had the answer. His mum worked at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham and was able to get us tickets pre-sale, so there we were, front row, a little to the right near the kitchen of the set.
I don’t remember much except for laughing so much and getting tic-tacs spat at me by Rik when he got hit by the frying pan. He saw they hit us and gave us a wink – brilliant!

Waffle On, Bottom live ticket

This was the first of many tours and we saw them all. I can’t remember much about them mainly because we were drunk but the last one which was in the Birmingham arena (which once housed Gladiators) was not that good. They had ran out of steam and playing to an arena had serious draw backs. Still just seeing these two on stage was enough for me.

Waffle On, The New Statesman Ticket

It wasn’t long after that Rik had his bike accident. He took time off and I didn’t think I would see him grace the stage again, thankfully this wasn’t true. He did a short tour of the New Statesman and it was brilliant. Again we had front tow seats and I loved every minute of it. This took its toll on Rik and I don’t think he toured again. I’m so pleased to have seen him on stage, I like Lucy miss him terribly. 
Podcasting since 2009. Meds & Kell

2019, sees Waffle On Podcast celebrating 10 years of podcasting.

Wishing Waffle On a Very Happy 10th Birthday

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