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Delightfully Foul-Mouthed Rik Mayall

Thank you to: Paul McMullen

Paul went to see Rik, in the stage production of The New Statesman in 2006. After the show he waited at the stage door with his brother and wife, in the hope of meeting one of his comedy heroes. Here’s what he told me:

We waited at the stage door for Rik. When asked for pictures/autographs, he said “NO!”, followed by “OK if you chase me” and then ran off up the street laughing!! My brother was first – who at the time had dyed red hair – he asked Rik to sign his autobiography. On the inside cover, he wrote “To Nick, you pink haired c**t…Rik Mayall”. My brother laughed and commented that our mum would see it so Rik crossed out the word c**t and wrote t*at instead!

Next up was my wife, Wednesday – who has two lip piercings – he just laughed and asked “how are you going to give me a blow job with those in?” before giving her a big cuddle and posing for a photo.

Finally, it was my turn…I asked him to sign three Bottom DVD’s. He did, and over Ade’s face on each of the covers wrote either “a*se”, “w**ker” and “t*at”. In my picture, I’ve got a stupid look on my face from laughing so much – he’d just made a dirty comment about a random woman walking past and then sniggered “I’m such a c**t aren’t I ?


 You can find Paul on Instagram

If Paul looks a tiny bit familiar to you, like he did to me. That’s because if you watched the Inbetweeners fwends reunited show around Christmas/New Year 2018/19. He was on that, as one of the super fans trying to win the yellow Fiat with Joe Thomas – they were Birthday card friends!

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