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When a 3 year old has their photo taken with Rik Mayall.

Thank you to: Matt Hall

Now here’s a couple of adorable photos to brighten your day. Big thanks goes out to Matt Hall who has sent and given me permission to use these two gorgeous photographs he took of his son with Rik.

Rik was in Falmouth at the Bookseller on 3rd April 2013, for the CD signing of The Last Hurrah. Matt and his young son were there, with the many other fans who had travelled far and wide to meet Rik on that day. Matt tells me his son, who was only 3 years old at the time, was as good as gold, and happily did everything Rik wanted him to do for the photos. Rik of course, took great delight in corrupting his little boy, helping him to stick his two fingers up for the photo. Proud dad Matt, still feels honoured to have taken these pictures.

“I photographed Rik ‘Fucking’ Mayall!!!”

The end result are these two lovely photos, definitely capturing a lovely moment don’t you think?.


You can see some more photos that were taken that day on the Bookseller website:

Were you there that day? Please get in touch if you too have a photo or story you’d like to share.

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7 thoughts on “When a 3 year old has their photo taken with Rik Mayall.”

  1. Oh my that is me right at the end of that video, what a bittersweet shock to see it after all this time. I didn’t realise they were filming! He was messing around doing the mistaken identity thing, he always called me by my middle name Adrienne – or Ade – a huge source of delight for him! Tragically that day was the last time I saw him alive.

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      1. Yes we were old friends, went back to Manchester days, but hadn’t seen each other for several years. I decided on a whim to surprise him that day as I was working nearby. He was overcome, he kept asking for privacy shouting to them to all go away but they didn’t, of course, obviously they even videoed a bit of the fun! I remember feeling deeply shocked when I saw how faded he was, exhausted now by that relentless public persona of being ‘Rik’ which was always just a cartoon act of course. He had never fully recovered from his accident either. I felt later it was a mistake to go, but now I’m so glad I did, as a year later this generous, whimsical, joyous, magical man was gone.

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      2. Aww 🥰 Julie, thank you so much for telling me more about that day and your friendship with Rik. I agree with everything you said.
        It is truly heartbreaking to think he’s gone, which is what prompted me to set up this scrapbook site, to celebrate the memories and huge impact, (and I quote your wonderful description) “the generous, whimsical, joyous, magical man” had over people 💕


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