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All for a Good Cause…

Noticing that this years Comic Relief red noses and other goodies are now on sale. It could only mean one thing, Red Nose Day is fast approaching. This year it’s on the 15th March 2019.

It’s a time of year that always takes me back to my childhood and teenage years, and reminds me of the day my friend and I were delighted to be sat in the TV audience – which this year, just so happens to be 28 years to the day – read about that day here: 15th March 1991

However before that memorable day, we had decided to do our little bit of fundraising. We had chosen to get sponsorship, for a 24 hour watching comedy videos marathon. I had sent away for the Comic Relief fundraising pack, which included sponsorship forms, stickers, useful info and a paying in slip, to pay your raised cash into a bank. Proudly we went, round school telling everyone what we were going to do and collecting sponsorship from as many of our classmates and teachers as possible.

Wed 20th – Thurs 21st February 1991

It was half term and it was to be a long 24 hours. My friend came round to my house, just before 9am, and with her she brought a big chocolate gateaux to help keep us going (my mum also kept us fed and watered throughout.) We had spent weeks planning and deciding on our running order, hoping to make the perfect schedule. We were determined to stick to it, and started the video player bang on 9am.


9.00am    Ben Elton Live!

10.30am  The Young Ones, 6 episodes.

1.30pm    French and Saunders, The Video.

3.00pm    Blackadder Goes Forth, all six episodes.

6.00pm    Red Dwarf III, all six episodes.

9.00pm    The New Statesman + Who Shot Alan B’Stard?

1.30am    The Comic Strip Presents…8 various titles.

6.00am    The Mary Whitehouse Experience, 2 episodes.

7.00am    Who’s Line is it Anyway? 2 episodes.

8.00am    The Young Ones, 2 episodes.

9.00am    We’ve Finished!

We pretty much stuck to our running order too. During the day it was quite easy, I mean what could be difficult about watching your favourite Comedy Shows? It did however get really difficult to stay awake at about 1.30am, after The New Statesman. As two sixteen year old girls, who liked their sleep, this was when we both had a job to keep our eyes open. With the odd prod, nudge and a shouting in each others ear, we just about managed to keep the other awake. By 6am it was starting to get light, which made things a little easier – the end was now in sight. By 9am we had finished, really pleased with our efforts, but both now desperate for sleep…Going back to school after the half term break, we took great pride in collecting our sponsorship money from our family, friends and teachers. In total we raised about £30 for Comic Relief.

What torturous or crazy things have you done for Red Nose Day?

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