The Diary of a Teenage Comedy Freak

Since July 2018, I have been periodically delving back into my old teenage diaries. Re-living and remembering in great nostalgic detail that period of my life. The period in which I was obsessed with comedy and everything Rik Mayall. I’ve been attempting to write up these memories, in hope of explaining that time, a time when, to a Teenage Comedy Freak, British Comedy was at it’s greatest.

Launching today is the results of that journey. A venture that I hope will be enjoyed and expanded upon as and when the spare time allows.

Why launch today? Well, today is my Birthday! And I need a distraction from what is usually for me a disappointing day. I was born 3 weeks premature, rudely awoken by Caesarean section on sweetly perfect and gooey St Valentine’s Day! Gloriously perfect for my parents, but utterly, utterly vomit inducing and revolting for me! Sick of heart shaped earrings and necklaces given as presents and beautiful heart shaped childhood birthday cakes. Then later in life, the shear pathetic excuses of people, not able to join you for a birthday drink, because they are off out on a romantic evening. I have always hated it. If only I’d been allowed to be born 3 weeks later. I would maybe have shared my Birthday with my idol – now that would be worth celebrating!

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