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Rik and Ben in Ibiza 1985 – Update

Rik Ben and Andy in Ibiza Thank You to: Andy Palmer Andy got in touch with me, he had been browsing the website and was extremely thrilled to see the post about Rik and Ben performing in Ibiza. Chris' photos from the original post brought back some very happy summer memories for Andy, as he… Continue reading Rik and Ben in Ibiza 1985 – Update

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Rik with a Silent P – NME 1984

4th August 1984 As Vyvyan said, it's... RIK WITH A SILENT P Or as Ian Penman said... "he's a bit of a boring bastard" - but which bit? And is Rik Mayall a great enough comic to become a 20th Century legend along with his own hero, Tommy Cooper? Photo Peter Anderson Someone comes up… Continue reading Rik with a Silent P – NME 1984

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Chris Shield’s Rik Mayall Scrapbook

I knew I wasn't the only teenager who saved pictures and cuttings of Rik Mayall, do you still have any cuttings or pictures you saved and put into a scrapbook or you pinned to your bedroom wall? Huge thanks to Chris Shields who has kindly scanned and sent me some images of his fantastic Rik… Continue reading Chris Shield’s Rik Mayall Scrapbook


Did you belong to a fan club or produce a Fanzine?

There's a whole generation now grown up, who have never known the world without the internet. With a few words typed into Google, up pops many sources and answers to your questions or information on subjects you are interested in. I can tell you that one of the first things I looked up in 2005,… Continue reading Did you belong to a fan club or produce a Fanzine?

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Fears of a Clown – Soundmaker 1983

Soundmaker - 12th March 1983 Fears of a Clown Joe Hosken goes rock and road funning with Kevin Turvey, The Young Ones and The Bastard Squad.... After the noise and cramped bustle subsides in a hot Cardiff University dressing room, the tired participants of the ensemble briefly attempt to gather their thoughts before the inevitable… Continue reading Fears of a Clown – Soundmaker 1983

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Talking Turvey – The Face 1982

The Face - Number 21 - January 1982 Talking Turvey with Rik Mayall Interview by Steve Taylor Television is such a carefully premeditated medium, all the messy possibilities of risk and danger bleach out  beforehand, that it's rare to catch a genuinely nervy moment of contingent live action. One of these infrequent eruptions recently disturbed… Continue reading Talking Turvey – The Face 1982


Two years on and it’s all gone a bit Shit!

It's about two years ago now that I decided to have a go at putting together some kind of website/blog. The interest on my Rik Mayall Scrapbook Instagram account was growing. People were getting in touch and wanted to know more about the times I saw Rik live. Being able to tell people in more… Continue reading Two years on and it’s all gone a bit Shit!

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Memories of Rik Mayall (1)

In these series of posts, 'Memories of Rik Mayall', I will be adding a selection of shorter memories people have told me about via Instagram and Twitter. Each fan has their own unique memory and story to tell, and when you put them altogether it creates a wonderful patchwork of tributes to Rik's work and… Continue reading Memories of Rik Mayall (1)

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Rik is God and how an Aussie Fan became Obsessed

I love hearing stories from fans around the world and discovering stuff we in the UK perhaps weren't all that aware of at the time. In the 1980's Australia heavily embraced the new emerging British Alternative Comedy scene. Col is one such Aussie and dedicated fan, proving that the Aussies really do love the merch!!… Continue reading Rik is God and how an Aussie Fan became Obsessed

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Early Rik: Thoughts of a Clown. Rik Mayall in the Early Eighties – Book by Chris Shields

Like buses you wait ages and then two come along at once. I'm referring to self published books about Rik Mayall. Mark Searby in early 2020 released his, attempting to cover Rik's whole career. But wait only a short while longer and another one comes along. This time concentrating on Rik's early years. It's these… Continue reading Early Rik: Thoughts of a Clown. Rik Mayall in the Early Eighties – Book by Chris Shields