1984, Magazine Articles

Rik with a Silent P – NME 1984

4th August 1984 As Vyvyan said, it's... RIK WITH A SILENT P Or as Ian Penman said... "he's a bit of a boring bastard" - but which bit? And is Rik Mayall a great enough comic to become a 20th Century legend along with his own hero, Tommy Cooper? Photo Peter Anderson Someone comes up… Continue reading Rik with a Silent P – NME 1984

1981, Magazine Articles

Investigating Turvey – NME 1981

NME - 7th November 1981 INVESTIGATING TURVEY Rik Mayall's the name and comedy's the game! Paul Rambali interviews TV reporter of the year, Kevin Turvey. Could these two characters be the same man? Physogs by Anton Corbijn. "They laughed at Lenny Bruce too..." DIMBLEBY, Day, Turvey. Repeat it often enough and it becomes a litany.… Continue reading Investigating Turvey – NME 1981