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Competition Time!

How would you like to win a signed copy of Chris Shields book - Early Rik: Thoughts of a Clown, Rik Mayall in the Early Eighties, plus a few other goodies direct from Chris and my personal collections? To be in with a chance of winning, I would like you to email me any combination… Continue reading Competition Time!


Two years on and it’s all gone a bit Shit!

It's about two years ago now that I decided to have a go at putting together some kind of website/blog. The interest on my Rik Mayall Scrapbook Instagram account was growing. People were getting in touch and wanted to know more about the times I saw Rik live. Being able to tell people in more… Continue reading Two years on and it’s all gone a bit Shit!

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Rik Mayall Scrapbook on Istagram (1)

It has been five years now since I first started posting pictures of my scrapbook on Instagram. I only created an account because my daughters wanted to, now look where it has led me. I thought it might be fun to have look back through the old posts and share some for you to enjoy,… Continue reading Rik Mayall Scrapbook on Istagram (1)

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Hardwicke House

Let me take you back to 1987. I was 12 years old, about to start secondary school and was getting really into many TV comedy shows. June that year saw the U.K Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher win her third landslide victory for the Conservative Party and was still our Prime Minister!! But earlier in February… Continue reading Hardwicke House

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Seeing Two Legendary Comedy Double Acts in One Day!

Here is the story of what happened to my friend and I before we arrived at BBC TV Centre for the infamous recording of Bottom...GAS. Friday 5th July 1991 I had a real job to sleep last night, I was too excited for today. I kept waking at all hours, because today was the day… Continue reading Seeing Two Legendary Comedy Double Acts in One Day!


The Diary of a Teenage Comedy Freak

Since July 2018, I have been periodically delving back into my old teenage diaries. Re-living and remembering in great nostalgic detail that period of my life. The period in which I was obsessed with comedy and everything Rik Mayall. I've been attempting to write up these memories, in hope of explaining that time, a time when,… Continue reading The Diary of a Teenage Comedy Freak



If you’ve found this blog and are reading this then you must be a Rik Mayall fan. Hello, and thanks for finding me, I decided to have a go at creating this blog and website dedicated to the one and only, after gaining a small dedicated following of Rik fans on Instagram. I have been lucky… Continue reading Hello