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Rik Mayall Scrapbook on Istagram (1)

It has been five years now since I first started posting pictures of my scrapbook on Instagram. I only created an account because my daughters wanted to, now look where it has led me.

I thought it might be fun to have look back through the old posts and share some for you to enjoy, especially if you don’t use Istagram and haven’t been following me since the beginning. So I have gone back to back to 2015, picked out a few posts and have selected some interesting and fun comments from them.

The very first post was 11th June 2015.


I love my Young Ones T-Shirt

Mark commented: I have watched The Young Ones since 1987, my older cousins introduced me through videos. I was hooked then and still am now. I have them on when cooking or cleaning or am bored of my film collection – on they go again. Rik Mayall is and was a comic legend, Bottom, Blackadder as Flash, Alan B’Stard, The Dangerous Brothers and so much more. I felt a part of my life had passed when he did. Such a funny, inspirational and giving comedian. Please keep posting your pics, I’m off to watch Bottom 3 Hooligans Island, Rik is genius in that.

Traci from the US told me: In the 80’s in the US, we could only watch The Young Ones late nights on MTV. I was in small town Texas, so I only had one friend who watched it with me. I have always loved British humour and culture. I suppose in Metropolitan areas it was popular. It was a rarity to find anyone in rural West Texas who was familiar with the show at all. It was because of The Young Ones that I started eating lentils, lol!

14th July 2015

Instagram, Drop Dead Fred

Everyone’s favourite imaginary friend, Drop Dead Fred.

Ben commented: The man who taught me how to swear!

6th August 2015


List of venues for the first Bottom Tour in 1993.

Alex responded: They played my city, Bristol on my 10th Birthday! Pity I was too young to go. I wouldn’t see them live in Bristol for another 10 years, for Bottom Live 2003: Weapons Grade Y-Fronts Tour. The last live show. So glad I got to see them together on stage!

10th August 2015


Rik Mayall Presents Dancing Queen. Probably most people’s favourite episode. Certainly is one of mine.

Two of my favourite actors! I was a huge fan of Harry Potter loved Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix) It makes me soooo angry that Rik was cut from it. What I would give to see those deleted scenes…

4th September 2015


100th post. When I was 16 I wrote to Rik and received a lovely letter and signed photo back. How thrilled was I, it went straight up on my wall. The letter told me about a new sitcom he was making with Ade called Bottom. Which was what then prompted me to write to the BBC to request studio audience tickets for it. I subsequently wrote a couple of more times and each time I received a fabulous letter and signed photo. Unfortunately, and I’m really pissed off about this, I can no longer find the letters but I still have this and two other signed photos.

OH MY GOD!!! THAT IS AWESOME!!! He’s so nice and you’re so lucky! When I was 16 I can’t even speak English properly. And I really hope the letters will pop out someday! I’m from China. And sadly I was born in 1995 so it is a real pity that I wasn’t able to understand English when I was very young when all those fantastic 80’s & 90’s British televisions were already spread into China then. But I’m still happy that I fell in love with The Young Ones when I was in High School although it was very late…

Jess said: How fantastic! I regret not ever writing to him. I guess I thought celebs don’t reply to fans. What a wonderful thing to treasure.

Thanks to everyone who has joined in, commented and liked the pictures over the years, you are all amazing and together we continue to spread the love for Rik around the world.

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