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Chris Shield’s Rik Mayall Scrapbook

I knew I wasn't the only teenager who saved pictures and cuttings of Rik Mayall, do you still have any cuttings or pictures you saved and put into a scrapbook or you pinned to your bedroom wall? Huge thanks to Chris Shields who has kindly scanned and sent me some images of his fantastic Rik… Continue reading Chris Shield’s Rik Mayall Scrapbook

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Competition Time!

How would you like to win a signed copy of Chris Shields book - Early Rik: Thoughts of a Clown, Rik Mayall in the Early Eighties, plus a few other goodies direct from Chris and my personal collections? To be in with a chance of winning, I would like you to email me any combination… Continue reading Competition Time!

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Early Rik: Thoughts of a Clown. Rik Mayall in the Early Eighties – Book by Chris Shields

Like buses you wait ages and then two come along at once. I'm referring to self published books about Rik Mayall. Mark Searby in early 2020 released his, attempting to cover Rik's whole career. But wait only a short while longer and another one comes along. This time concentrating on Rik's early years. It's these… Continue reading Early Rik: Thoughts of a Clown. Rik Mayall in the Early Eighties – Book by Chris Shields

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Rik, Ben and Chris in Ibiza

Thank You to: Chris Marks It's always very exciting to see pictures of Rik I've never seen before. Especially when they are from the early days of Alternative Comedy and capturing a moment in time, that was only seen by a handful of people. So when Chris got in touch and sent me a few… Continue reading Rik, Ben and Chris in Ibiza

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Deian – Following the People’s Poet!

Deian has been following the People's Poet for probably as long as I have. Rik's humour has evidently been a strong and ongoing influence on him over the years too. So much so, he was even one of the many people to visit the site of The Young Ones house in Bristol, shortly after Rik's… Continue reading Deian – Following the People’s Poet!


Didn’t You Kill My Mother-in-Law?

By 1989 I was becoming a real comedy nerd. The Alternative Comedy boom was in full swing, this crowd of young comics were the 'in' crowd and they were everywhere. I was now looking forward to seeing what they would come up with in the 1990's. In 1989, I also saw my first live comedy… Continue reading Didn’t You Kill My Mother-in-Law?

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The Young Ones

My earliest memory of seeing Rik Mayall on T.V, was probably in The Young Ones. I was just seven years old when it was first broadcast in 1982, and my parents tell me that they saw it from the beginning and loved watching it. 1982 I was dreadful at going to bed and would play… Continue reading The Young Ones