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Mayall Man Cometh – Time Out 1983

8-14 September 1983 Mayall Man Cometh From 'Waiting for Godot' to 'Five Go Mad On Mescalin', Frank Barrett examines the extremely rich tapestry that makes up Kevin Turvey's or Young One Rick's or even Rik Mayall's life. The audience assembled at the BBC's Glasgow studios in August for the recording of 'A Kick up the… Continue reading Mayall Man Cometh – Time Out 1983

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Chris Shield’s Rik Mayall Scrapbook

I knew I wasn't the only teenager who saved pictures and cuttings of Rik Mayall, do you still have any cuttings or pictures you saved and put into a scrapbook or you pinned to your bedroom wall? Huge thanks to Chris Shields who has kindly scanned and sent me some images of his fantastic Rik… Continue reading Chris Shield’s Rik Mayall Scrapbook

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Rik is God and how an Aussie Fan became Obsessed

I love hearing stories from fans around the world and discovering stuff we in the UK perhaps weren't all that aware of at the time. In the 1980's Australia heavily embraced the new emerging British Alternative Comedy scene. Col is one such Aussie and dedicated fan, proving that the Aussies really do love the merch!!… Continue reading Rik is God and how an Aussie Fan became Obsessed