The first proper poster I owned of Rik was from his 1992 stand up tour. I saw him at Salisbury City Hall, but was disappointed I couldn’t buy any souvenirs, so wrote to the theatre and they sent me these first two posters.


Then came the Bottom Live show in 1993, when you could buy the souvenir tour programme/poster.


This is an original large quad poster from 1991, used in cinemas advertising Drop Dead Fred.


An original Bad News poster.


Another original Bad News poster.


This is my favourite and I’ve yet to find a frame big enough for it. An original tour poster of Rik and Bens 4th stand up tour from 1985.


Ben Elton:

This was our 4th tour and our 4th photo session. Rik said “I know, it would be really funny for us both to look boring – you sit on the chair and look boring and I’ll stand slightly behind you and I promise I’ll look boring too”.

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