Seeing Rik

I have been lucky enough to see Rik perform live a number of times, probably when he was at the absolute height of his fame. Below are links to the pages where you can read my memories, taken from my teenage diary about those experiences and occasions. He was an absolute delight to see perform live. Oozing with so much energy and charisma, the man was like no other performer I’ve ever seen live!

Bottom… GAS

Friday 5th July 1991. I was sixteen years old and this was the day I first got to see Rik perform, it was also the day Gas was filmed in studio 1 at BBC Television Centre. I was incredibly lucky to be in the audience for the filming of it. Every year since, I have looked… Continue reading Bottom… GAS

Waiting for Godot

Saturday 26th October 1991 Just 14 weeks after seeing Rik and Ade record an episode of Bottom, my mum and I had bought tickets to see them in Waiting for Godot, in London’s West End. Gathering everything I needed to take with me for the day ahead, at the last minute I decided to pack… Continue reading Waiting for Godot

Rik’s Stand Up Show

Amazingly in 1992 Rik did a stand up tour. I was too young to see him in the early 80’s, and had always wanted to see his act live. I thought I had probably miss the chance. So when I spotted an advert in our local paper, of course I grabbed the opportunity… Ben Elton… Continue reading Rik’s Stand Up Show

The New Statesman

Saturday 21st November 1992 In the early 90’s I occasionally bought Time Out magazine, as I was keen to keep an eye on what was going on in London. In the autumn of 1992, I spotted an advert for The New Statesman, six new episode’s were going to be made, it told you what to… Continue reading The New Statesman

Bottom Live

When I heard that there was to be a stage show and tour of Bottom, I was very excited and extremely keen to go and see it. Now I couldn’t just go once, now could I, somehow I ended up seeing it twice. Tuesday 25th May 1993 – Portsmouth Guildhall My mum was keen to… Continue reading Bottom Live

Cell Mates

Saturday 11th March 1995 In 1995, I had left home and was away at college. I was living in a shared student house and to my great delight, it truly was just as scummy, dirty and repulsive as in The Young Ones, and I loved it! Being a student, I wasn’t quite so focused on… Continue reading Cell Mates