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Rik Mayall… People’s Poet… by Magenta

Thank you to: Magenta from Australia Once in every lifetime comes a hero like this... a pan-global phenomenon.... an actor.... a comedian... an inspirational man with a smile who can light up a room. It was 2002 in Australia and ABC had a television program running. A show called Believe Nothing. A comedy with intelligence… Continue reading Rik Mayall… People’s Poet… by Magenta

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Smashing Blouse Productions

When I first launched this website, back in February 2019, Jup from Smashing Blouse Productions was probably one of the first to visit the site. Being a blogger and fan of Alternative Comedy himself, he made contact. I was very pleased he did, as he really helped me to launch the site and learn a… Continue reading Smashing Blouse Productions

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The Young Ones in Finland

The wonders of the internet have certainly allowed more people than ever before to find and discover things they just wouldn't have had easy access to only a couple of decades ago. Here's a lovely story from Pilvi, who lives in Finland and got hooked on The Young Ones as a teenager when it was… Continue reading The Young Ones in Finland

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Deian – Following the People’s Poet!

Deian has been following the People's Poet for probably as long as I have. Rik's humour has evidently been a strong and ongoing influence on him over the years too. So much so, he was even one of the many people to visit the site of The Young Ones house in Bristol, shortly after Rik's… Continue reading Deian – Following the People’s Poet!

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Carl’s memories of Rik Mayall

Thank you to: Carl Pollington I think Carl has been enjoying reading my memories, it seems to have struck a cord with his own childhood. It would also seem I'm not the only one to make up their own VHS covers for their video tapes too. Thank you Carl for sending in your memories of… Continue reading Carl’s memories of Rik Mayall

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The Young Ones

My earliest memory of seeing Rik Mayall on T.V, was probably in The Young Ones. I was just seven years old when it was first broadcast in 1982, and my parents tell me that they saw it from the beginning and loved watching it. 1982 I was dreadful at going to bed and would play… Continue reading The Young Ones