If you’ve found this blog and are reading this then you must be a Rik Mayall fan.

Hello, and thanks for finding me, I decided to have a go at creating this blog and website dedicated to the one and only, after gaining a small dedicated following of Rik fans on Instagram. I have been lucky to see him perform live on a number of occasions and over the years gathered and collected a fast amount of memorabilia. He will always be my hero and without his presence, like so many of us, I would have found growing up very hard.

As well as my memories I’d also like you to join in. Did you see him live? Did you meet him? Maybe you worked with him? Or maybe you just simply loved watching him on TV? How did you discover him? I would love to add your story too! Simply contact me here or on Instagram.

Lets hear and share those memories of, The Man, The Myth, The Comedy Legend that is Rik Mayall.