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Shaun and Tom take Rik from Behind!

Thank you to: Shaun Gibson

We managed to meet Rik once during the Hooligans Island tour in 1997, in Oxford. My best chum Tom and I were there for the show, but decided to make a day of it and made it a pub day, talking all things Bottom and Rik.

On the way back to the pub from popping into HMV to see the new Bottom boxset (the one with all the VHS’s including fluff) Rik strolled past us! We couldn’t believe it. We followed him for a bit, took a photo of the back of him! and eventually, and nervously sidled up to him and my mate said “do you realise how much money we’ve spent on you”, Rik said “Thank you, I just spent it on lunch”, then did a massive belly laugh and we noticed his cigar stained back teeth! We walked with him for about 15 mins, he quizzed us on Bottom (which was random), we mentioned the boxset, which he had no knowledge of! Told us about ‘Bring me the head of Mavis Davis’ that he’d recently filmed, said he bleached his hair, but said “Kenneth Branagh stole my whole f***ing look, c**t” then laughed and said his wife enjoyed it!

Shaun Gibson, Rik from behind!!
The Back of Rik, walking down the street!!!

Then I asked him about my school french teacher, and he confirmed that they used to date! (pre young ones) I never believed her. Lol.

But what a great moment, we were buzzing! We also told him we’d be giving him and Ade a standing ovation at the end of the show, we were actually the only 2 to do so, Rik pointed and bowed his head in recognition.

On the day in Oxford just before we bumped into Rik, we genuinely walked past a small side road called the ‘Lamb and Flag Passage’

We were too shy to ask for a photo whilst chatting, we were worried he’d be annoyed. Shame, but like a beam of light in my memory. RIP Rik -x-And here’s a small sample of Shaun’s collection and how much money he must have spent on Rik!

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5 thoughts on “Shaun and Tom take Rik from Behind!”

  1. Brilliant story. I would have loved to have just spotted him in the street, but I doubt I would have had the guts to talk to him: “you should never meet your heroes…” – except I’m sure I wouldn’t have been disappointed in his case.

    That bottom middle photo of Rik with the two fishes above his head is the same as that I received as an autograph when I wrote to him as a child. I mentioned it in my story also posted on this site and am still looking for it. It’s good to see it again along with all your other memorabilia.
    I’m sure if you had got a photo with him he would have put one arm on your shoulder and made a wanker sign with his other!

    All the best,

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