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Rik Mayall has been Captured By The Fuzz

Meet Lucy Morrow or otherwise know as:

Captured By The Fuzz on Instagram

Lucy is a big Rik Mayall fan and in the 90s, like many of us of a certain age, she watched and quoted Bottom religiously. At age 15, she and her friend when to see one of the Nottingham Bottom Live shows. They accosted Rik at the end of the show with a ‘love letter’ asking him to come over for cup of Horlicks, handing it to him at the front of the stage as they took their bows – “I only hope it made him laugh”, she told me.

This is of Lucy at around the same age in a photo booth at The American Adventure, where amazingly you could choose Rik as your background – she was thrilled!

Since 2020, Lucy has been busy creating a wonderful array of Fuzzy Felt pictures, here’s how the idea came about and where it has taken her.

“Last year in that lull between lockdown’s, I managed to get a slot for a long-awaited hysterectomy, so I knew I would need to spend some time on the sofa, and in preparation I bought myself some books and jigsaw puzzles to keep myself amused – and also a vintage box of Fuzzy Felt (Monsters theme!)

“While I was convalescing, my husband would set me daily challenges (create an underwater scene, an outer space scene, etc…) and then I started posting them up on my personal facebook page, where my friends then started setting me challenges too! This was such fun for me, and also seemed to provide my friends with moments of pure levity when we all seemed to need it most, so without much cajoling I decided to set up an Instagram account so that I could make it all public.

“Now I get requests from all over the world, have started selling greetings cards, and currently have a small exhibition of images up in the Decimal Place gallery in Lincoln.

“Being Fuzzy Felt, nothing is ever saved – I take a picture and then the image it taken apart – and I kinda like that transience too.”

“I was thrilled to receive The Young Ones, Bottom and now Drop Dead Fred request.”

Lucy has continued to get even more requests and has now also made Blackadder’s Lord Flashheart, Alan B’Stard from The New Statesman, Bad News and other iconic scenes from Drop Dead Fred, Bottom and The Young Ones.

Greetings cards are available to buy on Esty and she has even been featured on her local news.

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