Showcasing some of the amazing tattoo work people have done of Rik Mayall.

Send me your photos to be added to the gallery.

Shaun Gibson

Shaun’s fabulous new wrist tattoo – Shaun and Tom take Rik from behind!

David Corden

Tattoo artist, studio in Edinburgh, Scotland

See more of David’s work on Instagram (davidcorden)

Cosmic Monsters Incorporated

Multi award winning, custom design tattoo and piercing studio based in Bromsgrove, Worcs.

You can also find them on Instagram (cosmic_monsters_incorporated)

Emma Bundonis

Tattoo artist at Through My Third Eye, London, UK

See more of Emma’s work on her Instagram (emmabundonis_tatto)

Matt Barratt-Jones

Painter and tattoo artist

Paul Naylor is the proud owner of this tattoo, who is also a tattoo artist and owner of Infernal Rites Tattoo in Westhoughton.

You can see more of their work on Instagram Paul (paulnaylortattoos) Matt (oddboytattoo)

Braxton Hole

Tattoo Artist at Midnight Pumpkin Tattoo Parlour and Santo Cuervo Tattoo and Piercing

To see more of their work you can find them on Instagram (braxtonhole)

Nick Imms – The Church Tattoo Studio

Rob Bruce is the proud owner of this tattoo and said it was definitely worth the 8 hours.

Check out Nick’s other work on Instagram (littlenicktattoo)

Ben Hamill

Artist at Deathrow Tattoo Farnborough, UK.

Se more of Ben’s work on Instagram (weareallskeletons)

Robbie Bauer

See more of Robbie’s work on Instagram (robbwild)

Lisa Mcintyre

Tattooist at Chameleon Tattoo. Paisley, Scotland

Visit Lisa’s Etsy shop and find her on Instagram (lisamci)

Marcus Broome

You can follow Marcus on Instagram (trashmantattos)

Mat Bone

Tattoo Artist

You can find Mat on Instagram (matbonetattoo)

Joe ‘Khanage’ Worrall – Heart & Arrow Tattoo Studio

See more of Joe’s work on Instagram (joekworrall)

Nick Sylvester

Tattooist, Artist and owner of Sabotage Tattoo Collective Boston, Lincs, England

Find Nick on Instagram (sabotagenick13)

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