Magazine Covers

1981 NME, 7th November 1981. 1983 Soundmaker, 12th March 1983. Time Out, 8-14th September 1983. Blitz, November 1983. 1984 The Radio Times 5-11th May 1984 NME, 4th August 1984. 1985 Plays and Players, February 1985. Drama, The Quarterly Theatre Review, February 1985. Computer Gamer, October 1985. 1986 Lookin, 12th April 1986. 1987 Kerrang! 3rd October… Continue reading Magazine Covers

The Scrapbook

Have fun browsing the pages of my scrapbook. Originally many of these small cuttings were stuck to my bedroom wall, they got rearranged on a frequent basis, some are really very small too. If you see anything of interest and you’d like to know more, maybe you’d like to know which magazine it was cut… Continue reading The Scrapbook

Theatre Programmes

1985 The Government Inspector Rik Mayall as Khlestakov: “Brilliant… a gift for comedy to be treasured” John Barber Daily Telegraph. “Blends echoes of the impertinence of Tony Hancock with the insouciance of W.C Fields” Milton Shulman, Standard. “Outstandingly funny” Michael Billington, Guardian. “A comic performance on the heroic scale” Irving Wardle, Times. 1988 The Common… Continue reading Theatre Programmes


The first proper poster I owned of Rik was from his 1992 stand up tour. I saw him at Salisbury City Hall, but was disappointed I couldn’t buy any souvenirs, so wrote to the theatre and they sent me these first two posters. Then came the Bottom Live show in 1993, when you could buy… Continue reading Posters


1983 The Comic Strip Presents… 1984 The Young Ones Book, Bachelor Boys – Paperback The Young Ones, Bachelor Boys – Hardback 1986 The Utterly Utterly Merry Comic Relief Book. 1988 The B’Stard File, The New Statesman Expose. 1989 Didn’t You Kill My Mother-In-Law? The Story of Alternative Comedy from The Comedy Store to Saturday Live.… Continue reading Books


Here is my collection of Rik Related VHS and DVD’s. I’m sure many of you fans own or are aware of most of this lot, you could probably tell me of others and even spot some gaps in my collection. But if you are new to Rik’s work or a fan from outside the UK… Continue reading VHS/DVD’s


When you are a fan of something, you have to own the t-shirt – right? I never owned a T-shirt with Rik on it until I bought the one from their first Bottom Live tour in 1993. Sadly I couldn’t find that T-shirt… but have now been given another one – scroll down to find… Continue reading T-Shirts


Here is my treasured little collection of tickets. You know the simple little bits of paper that allow you to sit in a Theatre or TV studio and see live entertainment. In this case it was Rik Mayall that was entertaining me right in front of my very eyes! A big thanks goes to Andy… Continue reading Tickets

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