And the next winner is…

Huge thanks to everyone who entered this next competition, I received many amazing entries. It was a very difficult decision, but eventually after a weekend of careful discussion with my panel of expert judges, the stand out winner this time is…

Our winner: Holly Orpen

Holly wins a signed copy of Chris Shield’s book. ‘Early Rik: Thoughts of a Clown – Rik Mayall in the Early Eighties’ a Cell Mates flyer, The Government Inspector programme, a B&W photo and an original Bottom Live programme from 2003.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter this second competition. Your entries will be rolled over and automatically entered into the next one, to be launched later in the Spring. In the meantime keep a look out here, as they may also get added to the Scrapbook.

The winning entry

I have been a massive fan of Rik’s since first watching The Young Ones as a teenager. Then set about watching, reading and listening to just about everything he made in his life. 
I have also always, quite compulsively, made drawings. Taking special pleasure in making images of my favourite people and the fine work they have made. So Rik in all of his iterations, and his various comic companions, have been at the mercy of my pencils many many times! 

When deciding what I would submit to this competition, I thought I would show you these charcoal drawings I made from three different episodes of Bottom. I made these very early on it in the first lockdown, whilst trying to finish my degree in art from my bedroom. I started watching many of Rik’s shows again, they lifted my spirits at a very crucial time. His comedy was mending all ills. When separated from everyone, I found that surrounding yourself with laughter was definitely the best tonic! 

I very much wanted to pay tribute to the spring his work had put in my step. So I started to pause the episodes of Bottom at moments I enjoyed, and draw Richie and Eddie as they threw each other about in mirth and anger. I made 15 drawings in total.

If I may, I also would like to include a more recent drawing I have finished in the last couple of days, of a couple of young Dangerous Brothers! I hope you enjoy these pictures, and thank you again for running something like this. What a lovely idea!

Dangerous Brothers

Bottom Gas

Bottom Contest

Bottom’s Up

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