Show Us Your Shit – Interview

During the first lockdown of 2020 QI Elf, Comedian and Podcaster of ‘No Such Thing as a Fish’ Dan Schreiber got in touch, asking if I’d be up for appearing on his new Instagram live show “Show Us Your Shit”. A quick idea he thought of that was born out of the Covid 19 lockdown. He himself too a big fan of Rik, Ade and Ben Elton. I was amazed and delighted to be asked, but it made me nervous just reading his message!! Could I really sit there and talk to Dan on an Instagram live feed? Would people actually find me interesting? Normally I would shy away from doing anything like that but it looked like fun, so there I was chatting away to Dan about my teenage diary and showing off some of my shit. If you missed it you can catch up with it here:

Part One

Part Two

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