The Young Ones

Visiting The Young Ones House

In the mid 1990’s I moved into a student house. It was a large shared house, with bay windows and a central front door, it had enough bedrooms for six eclectic spotty students. It had a very small communal living area, complete with furniture we had rescued from a tidy bin. There was always dirty cup, plates and cigarette ash scattered all over the room and on the coffee table. We had a TV, but like all students, no TV licence! Next to the living area was an adjoining tiny, dirty, squalid and repulsive kitchen, with piles of washing up always in the sink – to be honest I’m not entirely sure what I actually ate or lived on, as there was barely enough room to make yourself a cup of tea! The house had a central staircase with two split level landings – I could just imaging Rick falling down them, landing with a pile of rungs caught between his legs! It was constantly busy, there was always someone coming and going, the doorbell rang at all hours with people visiting or staying over… I was, to my great delight, now living just like The Young Ones!

Whilst a student I became good friends with a girl from Bristol. One weekend she invited me back to her home city.  I knew The Young Ones had been filmed in Bristol and had managed to find out the name of the road the house was on – pre-internet, it was a case of pausing the right bit on my video tape! (Codrington Road) When I asked her if she knew it, she recognised the road immediately, turned out it was just a few minutes walk from her family home, which was where we would be staying. I remember walking down a road and approaching the house from the back, then turning the corner to see the famous frontage. It struck me how big the actual house is, the bay windows were enormous. I couldn’t leave without a photo, so I made my friend take a picture of me leaning on the wall…  So that’s how in 1995, I managed to take a visit to The Young Ones house; here are a couple of pictures that were taken:

The very same wall!!!


There are lots of other locations in Bristol, where the outside filming was done for the show. The only other one I’ve been to is Bristol Temple Meads Station. One day I would like to take a visit to the other locations in Bristol. I found this useful website if you’d like to take a pilgrimage yourself:

In 2022 to celebrate 40 years of The Young Ones I finally got round to visiting the other locations used in the show. Read and see more:

Visting The Young Ones House – 2022

Have you visited the iconic house used in The Young Ones? Or been on the trail around Bristol to the other locations? Email in your pictures and story of your visit and you could be added to the scrapbook too!

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2 thoughts on “Visiting The Young Ones House”

  1. Oh! My heart!! This is a spectacular post, Lucy. I had no idea this was filmed in Bristol. The link you provided is such a neat resource, but I’m insanely impressed with your pre-internet level of detail and determination. Thank you for this “layer” to The Young Ones through your beautifully descriptive narrative of student life!

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    1. Honestly, my dream came true when I became a student. The house was just as lively and grotty as The Young Ones… I remember almost setting my room alight one time, when I left a candle burning! The mantelpiece was literally in flames when I walked back into my room!!
      If you ever make it to the UK, you’ll have to make a pilgrimage yourself to Bristol. It’s a lovely city and has some great cultural areas too x


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