Rik Mayall and Brian Glover, still from An American Werewolf in London
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Paul Putner – Strangling Rik Mayall

Comedian and Actor Paul Putner became a Rik Mayall fan as a young teenager in the early 1980's, when seeing him appear as Kevin Turvey on A Kick Up The Eighties. "It’s where it all started for me. I never forget going to see An American Werewolf In London at the cinema and half the audience whispering to… Continue reading Paul Putner – Strangling Rik Mayall

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Believe Nothing – A Dutch interview from 2003

I had a lovely email recently from a fan called Merel in The Netherlands, who came across an interview Rik Mayall gave to a Dutch reporter in 2003. It was published in a magazine by Dutch broadcaster, VPRO. Merel has kindly translated the text for me as good as she could. In Holland VPRO (a… Continue reading Believe Nothing – A Dutch interview from 2003