Rik Mayall and Brian Glover, still from An American Werewolf in London
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Paul Putner – Strangling Rik Mayall

Comedian and Actor Paul Putner became a Rik Mayall fan as a young teenager in the early 1980's, when seeing him appear as Kevin Turvey on A Kick Up The Eighties. "It’s where it all started for me. I never forget going to see An American Werewolf In London at the cinema and half the audience whispering to… Continue reading Paul Putner – Strangling Rik Mayall

Feature image featuring part of the young ones ticket
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Paul Putner – Once In Every Lifetime

If you could go back in time and witness a classic piece of comedy history being made what would it be? An episode of The Young Ones maybe? That would probably feature quite highly on many people's lists, it definitely would be on mine. In 1984 comedian and actor Paul Putner was a teenage drama… Continue reading Paul Putner – Once In Every Lifetime

The cast of the young ones stood outside house
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The Cult Of The Snarl – The Times 1983

THE TIMES EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT 30th December 1983 FEATURES The Cult Of The Snarl Rik Mayall, creator and star of The Young Ones, and much imitated by classroom comedians, tells Nick Baker why he chose students as a suitable case for sneering Like lots of successful television comedy, The Young Ones, devised by Rik Mayall and… Continue reading The Cult Of The Snarl – The Times 1983

The Young Ones computer game cassette tape
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The Young Ones – Computer Game

Who remembers this? I never had a home computer during the 1980's or even throughout the 1990's come to that, and I have never had much interest in computer games, but during the early 1990's I did manage to find one of these games. It was in a big box of junk at a car… Continue reading The Young Ones – Computer Game

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Mark Young’s Photo Shoot with Rik Mayall

Meet Mark Young, in 1991 Mark was a young 24 year old HND photography student at the Kent Institute of Art and Design. In November of 1991 Mark had tickets to see Waiting for Godot, before the show he decided to go to the stage door of the Queens theatre in London, where Rik and… Continue reading Mark Young’s Photo Shoot with Rik Mayall


Exclusive Rik Mayall Scrapbook Badges

Have you been enjoying the content on this website? Would you like to show your appreciation? Then why not donate £5 to help support it and contribute towards the running cost. You may now notice that the adverts have been removed - Yay! All money raised will go towards the annual costs of running the… Continue reading Exclusive Rik Mayall Scrapbook Badges

Rik Mayall dribbling picture from Kerrang magazine
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The Bachelor Boy – Extra Kerrang! 1984

The Bachelor Boy RIK MAYALL (pictured right) KEVIN TURVEY (also pictured right) and DAVE DICKSON all discuss their latest best-sellers and explain why everyone should vote for Mrs Thatcher next time around A FEW issues of the regular, fortnightly Kerrang! back Howard Johnson dallied with the name of Friedrich Nietzsche (a decidedly dangerous course) and… Continue reading The Bachelor Boy – Extra Kerrang! 1984

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Recreating The People’s Poet Badges

Thank you to Zoe Read for telling us about your wonderful project. In January of this year I finally got around to watching The Young Ones. It was on my radar for a while as I had already had 3 or 4 different people in the past tell me to watch it because they thought… Continue reading Recreating The People’s Poet Badges


Update – What was ‘Too Hot to Handle’, in 1983?

"Too Hot to Handle" was a benefit concert that took place at the Apollo Victoria theatre in London on the 10th April 1983. It was a charity performance to raise money for the stop Sizewell B inquiry fund. Jenny Kirtley, assistant producer, remembers it well: ‘Back in the early 80’s, I was part of a… Continue reading Update – What was ‘Too Hot to Handle’, in 1983?

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Bum’s the Word – Time Out 1991

18th - 25th September 1991 Their new TV show, 'Bottom', is about two hopeless, thirtysomething idiots. Meanwhile, Ade Edmondson and Rik Mayall are hitting the stage as Beckett's bums in 'Waiting For Godot'. When will the comic reprobates stop arsing around? BUM'S THE WORD By Steve Grant SINCE ITS British unveiling in a production mounted… Continue reading Bum’s the Word – Time Out 1991