1983, Magazine Articles

Kevin Turvey and The Bastard Squad featuring The Young Ones – Due South 1983

Here's a write up from a local listings magazine called Due South about The Young Ones tour at Southampton University on 5th March 1983. The Young Ones An ambitious and successful event was staged at the University on Saturday which went a long way to opening up the union facilities to the community at large.… Continue reading Kevin Turvey and The Bastard Squad featuring The Young Ones – Due South 1983


What was ‘Too Hot to Handle’, in 1983?

"Too Hot to Handle" was a benefit concert that took place at the Apollo Victoria theatre in London on the 10th April 1983. It was a charity performance to raise money for the stop Sizewell B inquiry fund. Who took part in the concert? The line up for the evening was a really good mix… Continue reading What was ‘Too Hot to Handle’, in 1983?

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Competition Time!

How would you like to win a signed copy of Chris Shields book - Early Rik: Thoughts of a Clown, Rik Mayall in the Early Eighties, plus a few other goodies direct from Chris and my personal collections? To be in with a chance of winning, I would like you to email me any combination… Continue reading Competition Time!


Did you belong to a fan club or produce a Fanzine?

There's a whole generation now grown up, who have never known the world without the internet. With a few words typed into Google, up pops many sources and answers to your questions or information on subjects you are interested in. I can tell you that one of the first things I looked up in 2005,… Continue reading Did you belong to a fan club or produce a Fanzine?

1983, Magazine Articles

Fears of a Clown – Soundmaker 1983

Soundmaker - 12th March 1983 Fears of a Clown Joe Hosken goes rock and road funning with Kevin Turvey, The Young Ones and The Bastard Squad.... After the noise and cramped bustle subsides in a hot Cardiff University dressing room, the tired participants of the ensemble briefly attempt to gather their thoughts before the inevitable… Continue reading Fears of a Clown – Soundmaker 1983

1982, Magazine Articles

Rogue Mayall – Sounds 1982

Sounds Magazine - 11th December 1982 Rogue Mayall Rik Mayall of TV's 'The Young Ones'. By Dave McCullough I ASK Rik Mayall, twisted leftest-centrist-selfist, maniacal hero of Tuesday nights television The Young Ones and generally speaking, since his inception as alter-ego Kevin Turvey, a genuine TV cult figure, if people are surprised when they meet… Continue reading Rogue Mayall – Sounds 1982

1982, Magazine Articles

Talking Turvey – The Face 1982

The Face - Number 21 - January 1982 Talking Turvey with Rik Mayall Interview by Steve Taylor Television is such a carefully premeditated medium, all the messy possibilities of risk and danger bleach out  beforehand, that it's rare to catch a genuinely nervy moment of contingent live action. One of these infrequent eruptions recently disturbed… Continue reading Talking Turvey – The Face 1982

1981, Magazine Articles

Investigating Turvey – NME 1981

NME - 7th November 1981 INVESTIGATING TURVEY Rik Mayall's the name and comedy's the game! Paul Rambali interviews TV reporter of the year, Kevin Turvey. Could these two characters be the same man? Physogs by Anton Corbijn. "They laughed at Lenny Bruce too..." DIMBLEBY, Day, Turvey. Repeat it often enough and it becomes a litany.… Continue reading Investigating Turvey – NME 1981

Working with Rik

Photographer Alistair Morrison, Rik Mayall and some Fish.

In October 1991 I went to see Rik and Ade in Waiting for Godot. I always like to buy a programme and in that programme was an interesting photograph of Rik with two fish on his head, a striking and very memorable image I'm sure you will agree. Plus soon after I found a similar… Continue reading Photographer Alistair Morrison, Rik Mayall and some Fish.

Letters, Your Stories

How best man Matt received an amazing letter from Rik Mayall

Rik wrote many amazing letters to fans but there's one particular letter I've seen circulating the web and shared on various social media more than most. It's the letter congratulating a happy couple on their wedding day. But how did this letter come about?Thank you to Matthew Webster for getting in touch and telling your… Continue reading How best man Matt received an amazing letter from Rik Mayall