Noel Gardner

Artist drawing a picture a day for a year, maybe now two! In his own unique style.

If you would like to obtain copies of Noel’s work simply DM him on Instagram (draw_my_fave_celeb)


Sketcher of pop culture, wrestling and the nostalgic.

Check out more of Neil’s work on Instagram (drawingsbygaul)

Jonny Watson

Illustrator from Sydney Australia

You can also follow Jonny on Instgram (jinskipt)

Jess B

Jess is new to drawing and is documenting her progress on Instagram (jess_b_art)

Del Llewellyn

Portrait Artist

Check out Del’s other work on his Instgram (llewellynillustrations)

Jane Sanders – Stitchin in the Kitchen

She sews portraits of popular musicians.

A wonderful one off commission piece by Jane Sanders.

To see more of Jane’s work visit her Instagram (stitchin_in_the_kitchen) or Etsy shop.

Tracey Lawler Art

Self taught artist. All original artwork for sale.

To see more of Tracey’s work visit her on: Instagram (tracey_lawler_art) and Facebook

Her work can be purchased on: Etsy

Ickle Toonies

Cartoon artist.

To see more of Ickle Toonies work visit them on:

Instagram (ickletoonies), Twitter or Facebook

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