Adam Green

Adam painted this portrait for Rik in 1999/2000.

“It was so great to meet him on his farm and really surreal. I always remember my initial meeting. His smiling face and piercing eyes as I found him in the fields clearing some bracken.

I got to spend a couple of hours with him and I took lots of pictures. Three images of which made it into the portrait. He was so friendly and helpful. It was great fun.

I then went away and painted the picture, had it shipped down to Devon and then went and unpacked it for him.

I think he really liked it as he burst out laughing when he first saw it.”

You can also see more of Adam’s work on Instagram (adamgreenart)


Teaching myself how to draw/paint

See more of Joe’s work on Instagram (just_joe_illustrating)

Mary Goodwin

Mosaic Artist

‘I’m gonna make you come like a freight train baby’

Find Mary on Instagram (maylizgood) and see more of her great mosaic work


Freelance illustrator and artist

See more of Max’s work on Instagram (uhmfox) and visit their Etsy shop


Portrait Artist – Commissions, Buy Originals/Prints

To see more of their work or make contact visit Instagram (goticdraw)

Farrokh Kouchekpour

Portrait Artist

Prints can be bought at Farrokh’s Esty shop and also find him on Instagram (farrokhkouchekpour_art)

Nick Sylvester

Tattooist, Artist and owner of Sabotage Tattoo Collective Boston, Lincs, England

See more of Nick’s artwork and amazing tattoo work on Instagram (sabotagenick13)

Annabelle Bridgen

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