Rik Mayall – Comedy Genius. Book by Mark Searby

Back in March 2019, I was excited to receive an email from film critic, broadcaster and author, Mark Searby. He told me he was putting together a book about the work of Rik Mayall and had discovered my site when looking for old photos of Rik to include in his book.

Over the next few months we exchanged a few emails, where I was only too pleased to help Mark by delving into my vast collection of cuttings and articles, finding some useful bits information and quotes for him, which helped him with his exciting project.

Well I’m delighted to say that his book is finished and is available to pre-order now from all good ebook retailers including Amazon UK, Amazon US, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashword, iBooks and many more.

Delving into the rude, serious, anarchic and hilarious, author Mark Searby highlights Mayall’s spectrum of work, the circumstances and intricate moments that were twisted into creations to make people laugh and weaved their way into the fabric of British culture and comic legacy.

Rik Mayall Book front cover complete-01

From the author of Al Pacino: The Movies Behind The Man, Mark Searby releases Rik Mayall: Comedy Genius. Delving into the rude, serious, anarchic and hilarious, Searby highlights Mayall’s spectrum of work – not the rumours or an attempt to uncover the deeply private life he led but the more intricate moments that were twisted into creations to make people laugh and subsequently woven in to the fabric of British culture and comic legacy. Narrated by Searby, over 30 exclusive interviews have been lovingly, laughingly and carefully sought from those that stood closest to him over his working years including the likes of Alexei Sayle (The Young Ones), Nigel Planer (The Young Ones), Ate de Jong (Drop Dead Fred), Christopher Ryan (Bottom), Helen Lederer (Bottom), Gwyneth Powell (Man Down), Laurence Marks & Maurice Gran (The New Statesman) and many more, providing the inner-most workings of Mayall and all of the emotions that working next to him brought with it, namely laughter.

Whether you’re a fan of Mayall or not, and whether you know it or not, his work and impact will somehow have touched you at one point in life, for better or for worse. Whether it be his stand-up comedy, acting, shows such as Bottom or The Young Ones, or the influence he has had on future generations, ‘Rik Mayall: Comedy Genius’ is a deep dive into everything from his most notable work to his lesser-known, yet equally as fascinating moments. With a career born from frustrations, opinions and political strains of the working class in the 1980s, Mayall and a motley crew of young fresh talent led the uprising of alternative comedy. Taking a lead from Punk music, they took no prisoners. It was politically incorrect, anarchic and stuck two fingers up to the establishment and furthermore it stood for something. In its new form, Mayall and his compadres had made comedy in to a vessel to speak freely and represent the feelings of a fresh, passionate and raw new generation, something that has since been remixed and reworked over the following three decades. As Mayall evolved over the years, his acting, his intellect, his manic, intriguing character and his genius became a thing of interest, inspiration and celebration. Wrapped into 13 chapters of insight, exclusive interviews and accounts mixed with comedy, anecdotes and anarchy, Mark Searby presents Rik Mayall: Comedy Genius.


About the Author: Mark Searby is a film critic and broadcaster. He is the resident film critic on BBC Radio’s Northampton and Suffolk in the UK and has written for numerous media outlets including: Heat Magazine, MTV and New Empress Magazine. Mark has written and presented video retrospectives on movies such as The Three Faces of Eve, Scarecrow and The Burbs. He is also a seasoned interviewer and has conversed with film industry figures such as Mark Millar, Ben Wheatley, Michel Gondry and many more. His previous book Al Pacino: The Movies Behind The Man delved into the iconic actor’s filmography.

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