Bottom Live Memorabilia


Bottom Live 5, Weapons Grade Y-Fronts Tour – 2003


Souvenir Programme from Shaun Gibson’s Collection

Promotional Tour date flyer

Souvenir T-Shirt from Shaun Gibson’s Collection

Souvenir T-Shirt from Jon Turnbull’s Collection

Souvenir Mug from Shaun Gibson’s Collection

VHS – get in touch if you have a copy.


Audio Cassettes – were there ones for this tour? Or is it now on CD?

Let me know if you have an item that isn’t featured here. Get in touch too if you have a story from seeing any of these shows performed. Did you buy any merchandise? Maybe you met them and got something signed?

Vintage Bottom T-Shirts

A selection of Bottom T-Shirt’s were also available to purchase during the 1990’s/2000’s in places like HMV, Tower Records and Our Price.

T-Shirt from Shaun Gibson’s collection.

T-Shirt from Jon Turnbull’s Collection

T-Shirts, Vintage 90's Bottom.

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