Other Comedians

Rik Mayall is not the only Comedian I love. He is with out doubt, the one I have adored the most and the one I never tire of watching, he’s the one that never fails to make me laugh or even sometimes cry.

However, in this area I would like to slowly add and celebrate the other comedians that have entertained me throughout my life, the ones that have also helped me to grow up and have inspired me for a very long time…

Comic Relief

1986 After Band Aid and Live Aid in 1985, in 1986 there came, Comic Relief.  I was 11 years old and like many people at school I was very familiar with The Young Ones, it was the talk of the playground. The Living Doll charity single was released in March 86 and went to Number… Continue reading Comic Relief

French and Saunders

My comedy obsession and awareness of the Alternative Comedy movement, probably first started with my love for Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. I had enjoyed and seen them in a few episodes of Girls on Top, I really loved watching Happy Families and was aware they had a few small cameo parts in The Young… Continue reading French and Saunders

Ben Elton

Now here’s a man That I have always really admired. I’ve never really understood why he’s got so much stick in later years. The man was and is a groundbreaking and hugely influential stand-up comedian and writer. There’s no point trying to prove me otherwise, I will always defend him! Ben has probably influenced me… Continue reading Ben Elton