When you are a fan of something, you have to own the t-shirt – right? I never owned a T-shirt with Rik on it until I bought the one from their first Bottom Live tour in 1993. Sadly I can’t find that T-shirt now… maybe I’ll find one on eBay one day!

I’m sure many of you looking at this website own a fab Rik t-shirt yourself, because there are many great T-shirts to own and be found now. Here’s my collection; and where possible a link to be able to purchase your own.


From Retro Tees, it looks like they have now updated the design.


Again from Retro Tees, with an updated design.


This was a complimentary T-Shirt from the people at Mayall Online. 


This was a present, so I don’t know where it was bought.


From eightbittees, they have many other great designs and options too.

T-Shirts, Mayall, Edmondson, Planer, Ryan, Sayle.

Another from eightbittees.


From 8 ball t-shirts, plus they have a couple of other designs.


This is by Mitees, available  to buy on Amazon, this is the ladies cut.


This was a limited run from Turbo Island, don’t think they sell them anymore.


This was given to me and was originally bought in the 1990’s.

If you have a Bottom Live T-Shirt from 1993 that you no longer want, then please get in touch.